Band & Solo Live Act


Her Solo Live Act is a playful, fresh, uncompromising trance performance. While creating the sound, Ina includes analog and digital synths, especially Juno 106, Korg minilogue and Yamaha CS2X, boosted through external analog bass and space effects. That helps her to create spacious, melodic panorama contrasted with a raw, trance/techno punch. The show is enriched with singing vocal parts. 

Ina is performing also as a duo, inviting Jakob Kiersch on drums and percussions

video by Katarzyna Miszczak


Performance with the band is the combination of classical instruments – drums, violin/cello, synthesizers, bass guitar – with dance bits and raw vocal harmony. Very special vibe between musicians is a proof of their longstanding cooperation and shows their real friendship and passion for music. The band create energetic performance followed by harmonious, organic sound.

photo by Anna Wyszomierska


Magdalena Laskowska – Polish violinist, keyboardist, vocalist, collaborating also in the project Cosovel
Jakob Kiersch – Berlin based drummer, vocalist, known form project like: Alphaville, Julia Marcell, Gods of Blitz, Volkspark

Kornelia Jamborowicz – Berlin based cellist known from Berlin Palace Concert

Winona Kłosińska , Leon Gilch– guitarist, singer

Morten Wengemuth – drummer

video by Dariusz Skarżyński