INA WEST is a producer, vocalist, author of music and lyrics, combining the minimalist chill of the sound l from early Depeche Mode combined with the concert energy of Die Antwoord. Her live performance serves a combination of classical instruments – percussion, violin, synthesizers, bass guitar, ukulele – with dance bits and raw vocal harmony.

She has released her debut album in 2015 under the alias Cosovel. After that she has performed on the most important festivals in Poland (Tauron Nowa Muzyka, Orange Warsaw Festival) and abroad (The Great Escape [UK], Reeperbahn [DE] MENT [SLO], Mu:Con, Zandari [KOR].

This time during the concerts she will be accompanied by: Magdalena Laskowska (violin, synthesizer, ukulele, vocal) – the first violinist in Orchestras of Ralph Kamiński and The Dumplings Orchestra; Jakob Kiersch (drums, synthesizers, vocals) known from projects: Alphaville, Gods of Blitz, and Julia Marcell. Visualisations are in good hands of one and only Dariusz Skarżyński.