Ina West – Gold & Orange

On ‘Gold and Orange’ Ina West presents four pieces that were written and produced during her pregnancy and recorded on Lanzarote island as a playful, fresh, uncompromising video performance. On this record, she pushes the boundaries of electronic dance music and with a great curiosity explores the field of techno and trance, combining it with organic sound of cello, percussions and her voice.

‘I wanted to catch the state of letting go, ethereal and spiritual ease while facing the limitations that life brings. The pandemic, becoming a mother and experiencing chronic disease – filled me with the emotions that found the outlet in the minimalistic, pulsating, colourful productions and the title ‘Gold and Orange’ represents the colours of setting and raising sun, colours of transition.’

Ina goes for a search of vulnerability, an ethereal fragility combined with a sharp, edgy analogue sound underneath a soft layer of strings. While creating the tracks, she integrated sounds of the organic instruments with the analog and digital synths, especially Juno 106, Yamaha CS2X and Korg Minilogue put through analog bass and space effects. That will enable her to create spacious, warm sound design contrasted with a raw, dance punch. 

Ina was highly inspired by soundscape of Berlin. She used filed recordings that captures the diversity of the city. She transformed it into samples that are layered/reversed/gliched/tuned/ re-defined and organised mainly into the rhythmical and ambient structures.

Video by Katarzyna Miszczak